charting a path to IT success
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High Spot Review

Perfect for organisations who have concerns about their technology and need a better understanding of the underlying problems and possible solutions.  A High Spot Review will quickly, usually within a matter of a few weeks, identify key issues needing immediate action, then identify opportunities to lift performance or address risk over time and finally seek strengths that can be built upon for strategic differentiation.

Operating Model for Technology & Change

Many organisations are grappling with traditional technology delivery, agile delivery and/or a hybrid of both.  Agile delivery requires significant change to the overall operating model not just for technology teams but across all functions involved in delivering change such as marketing, finance and product teams.  Where are you up to on this journey to an agile or hybrid operating model built around platforms and customer journeys?  Are you working with the right suppliers, under the right arrangements to best support your target operating model? CAP2ITS can facilitate the design and implementation of your technology and change operating model.

Technology Performance & Risk Governance

Boards, business leaders and IT leaders all need transparency and clarity when it comes to how their technology is performing and what risks are being run.  CAP2ITS’ performance and risk governance services, leveraging our unique technology governance framework, will help you establish the transparent, insightful and fact-based governance you need across your technology.

Technology Strategy Development

A modern organisation needs a modern strategy that is fit for purpose in the era of agility and digital disruption. In contrast to traditional IT strategies which generated roadmaps of IT investments, agile, tech savvy business strategies use the building blocks of platforms and customer experiences to drive continuous innovation and delivery aligned to a strategic vision.